song for madeleine


A Film by: Jay Kevin Composta

Produced by: Biagio Cilia, Lorenzo Melini


Annys Whyatt as Madeleine

Voice over by: Monique Todd, Lorenzo Melini


Director of Photography: Vita Larvo

Gaffer: Isis Madonna Basile

1st AC: Claudio Baruffaldi

Sound Recordist: Emanuele Gabbi

Production Designer: Adam Kalderon, Vittoria Agrati

Assistant Producer: Julia Florek

Associate Producer: Jay Kevin Composta

Colorist: Adam West


'Lag Fyrir Ommu' by Olafur Arnalds

Performed by Jay Kevin Composta


Special thanks to: Ian Collison, Kenneth Macleod, Aquiles Pantaleao, Ernesto Ortiz Delgado, London College of Communication

The project is entitled "Song for Madeleine". It is a mixture between a music video and a live performance video. Basically the protagonist tries to write a letter to "Madeleine", a mysterious figure of his life, no one knows what he will write to her nor the reason for this. However, here is where the abstract/poetical/analogical part of the videos comes to life.

The words written from the protagonist are transformed into music. The writer is no more writing on his typewriter, but now a piano resounds, he is in fact playing a piano. A direct conversion from the concept of writing to the creation of musical melodies, music that reflects the protagonist feelings in that particular moment.

The video has a central breaking part where memories from the protagonist's past with Madeleine resurface in his mind. He is now in a different room, with a piano by his side. We can hear a conversation they had in the past in the background, as a voice over. A close up from Madeleine's face expressing her feelings is shown. Then, the music starts again until the end of the song.

The ending part of the video is where finally Madeleine receives the letter. Leaving to the audience the difficult task to interpret the song (which is in reality the content of the letter) and make sense of the whole story after the screen goes deep black.